Getting into action, overcoming blockades, cooperating across group boundaries and tackling the climate crisis.

People put their hands in each other

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" Municipalities benefit from the expansion of renewable energies, and the more so the more steps they take on, from construction to operation of the plants. "

Dr. Steven Salecki, energy expert at the IÖW

We approach transformation systematically

Target definition

Only those who specify their goals can systematically pursue and ultimately achieve them. We recommend: 0 emissions by 2030. Can't do it? Flying to the moon within a decade wasn't possible back then either...

Status quo analysis

How high are the emissions in the individual sectors? In which neighborhoods is it particularly worthwhile to replace heating systems quickly? Which areas are well suited for energy generation? With the help of digital technology, we create a 3D model of your city - and answer all these questions.

Calculation transformation yield

Millions of dollars in fossil fuels flow out of every small German town every year. We'll help you calculate the amount you'll save each year by decarbonizing. You will be amazed!

Impart knowledge

The tools for transformation are well known - and also that everyone can benefit from the transformation, whether in the trades, agriculture or industry. We help you bring this knowledge to the city, setting in motion a self-reinforcing process.

Inspire people

The most important thing is that when people in your city realize that they will benefit from the transformation, many are willing to lend a hand. Regardless of whether it's a question of security of supply, a higher quality of life or simply saving money: suddenly there are very pragmatic implementation concepts. If we trust people to do something, some ideas for solutions will come all by themselves!

emissions down - regional value added up.

Capsule in space

To climate prosperity
in 3 phases


We use the time of supply bottlenecks for thorough planning, project financing and to forge implementation alliances. And most importantly, we help you get the city excited about change.


During implementation, priority is given to "easy" realizable projects with "high leverage". This guarantees quick success.


If regional value creation and motivation increase, we can also tackle difficult projects and improve energy efficiency.

1. start process.

Whether you are a city, a public utility, an economic development agency or a politician, you can start the initiative "100% renewable energy by 2030" with us. From the very beginning, you will have access to the entire knowledge on the climate crisis and how to solve it, which has been compiled by hundreds of experts around the world. We make you the centre of transformation in your city.

2. build network and initiate resolution.

Change can only be achieved together, and you know the local actors best. We help you build your local network of all emissions-relevant people. And we connect the huge Climate Action Community with your local challenges. We build corporate alliances for climate protection, as well as civil society associations. At the end of this process, we provide the basis for a political decision. The goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2035 and 100% renewable energy in the city by 2030.

3. plan and calculate transformation.

We give you access to stories of success, based on new technologies and the experience of the pioneers of zero-emission infrastructure. And we give you the tool to plan the path to 100% renewable energy, step by step. A digital twin also helps you to enable the transformation of the agriculture, housing, transport and circular economy sectors. You also get the first figures on what decarbonising your region means economically for everyone.

4. winning everyone for change

You know your potential supporters best. We give you the necessary arguments, media and materials with which you can convince everyone of your plan. Because through steps 1 to 3, you will also have an idea of what the emission-free world looks like. With this knowledge, you can unite progressive and conservative people behind the goal of climate neutrality.

5. find implementation partners

You involve and inspire local craftsmanship. Because before every CO2 molecule that is not emitted, there is a construction measure and an investment in regional value creation. At the same time, we provide you with the companies that make your local actors fit for the heat transition, the transport transition and the world of networked renewable energy supply. The goal is to be able to offer all people in your city emission-free energy, heat and mobility.

6. start and accompany decarbonisation

Now it starts. You, your team and the network shape the change together. For the duration of the transformation, we help with communication, financing and support project management. The digital twin of planning becomes the marketplace for zero-emission infrastructure. From now on, the city, public utility, politics and administration will work together on a liveable future.

Your starting point for effective climate protection.

In 6 months, you can lay the foundations in your city for 100% renewable energy by 2030 in all sectors, the transformation of agriculture and the improvement of the circular economy. We'll give you everything you need to do it.

We are spreading the knowledge on regional capacity to act and implement decarbonisation all over the world as fast as we can. This is our only chance to solve the climate crisis.

Isabella Lang

Climate Protection Advisor, ansvar2030 & THE CLIMATE TASK FORCE