Future now - Attendorn becomes climate-neutral as quickly as possible


Jonas Stolze

December 22, 2022

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Future now - Attendorn becomes climate-neutral as quickly as possible

We can all have more money in our wallets in 10 years and at the same time contribute to securing our livelihoods. That was the conclusion of the big kick-off event for "Attendorn 2030: the Hanseatic city of the future". The prerequisite for this is that as many people as possible in the city pitch in - and citizens, companies, associations and the city administration work together on solutions.

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You could have heard a pin drop in the packed refectory of the Hanseschule when Dr. Udo Engelhardt explained the current state of science to the 250 guests. The situation is dramatic: only if we manage to change our production, economic and lifestyle patterns within a decade so that we can manage completely without fossil fuels, can climate change be limited to a barely tolerable level. However, the climate impact researcher also made it clear that we still have a (last) chance to achieve this goal - if we stick together and get moving quickly.

There were some positive "aha" moments as the evening progressed. For example, the realization that the transformation even pays off economically. The renowned energy technology expert Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning made it clear where the journey is headed: "We need to rapidly expand renewable energies, especially wind and solar power." He calculated that it would be worthwhile to rapidly electrify transportation and heat supply. Waiting any longer simply doesn't make sense, he said: "The race has long since been decided - in favor of the e-car and the heat pump."

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A solution for the sharply rising electricity bills was also presented. Felix Rodenjohann from the regional consultancy ansvar2030 became clear. "Currently, people and companies in Attendorn spend hundreds of millions of euros every year on fossil energies, such as gas and oil. Tendency: increasing by leaps and bounds." The money flows off to the very largest part abroad. "Yet we could also keep it in the city by generating renewable energy, thus increasing added value locally, creating new jobs and above all: providing safe and affordable energy ourselves."

He advocated bringing everyone in the city to the table, including groups that otherwise tend not to look for solutions together. The more people involved in an Attendorn energy community, the better for everyone. The advantage of the "big solution" is that it is cheaper for everyone involved than if everyone tried their luck on their own: "Through a large collective order, we are not only supplied sooner, we also buy more cheaply. The investment then pays for itself after just a few years."

"Talk to your neighbors and friends about what an opportunity we have here right now."

Mayor Christian Pospischil was impressed by the response and also by the stamina of the 250 participants, who listened intently for three and a half hours - and spoke with interest and constructively. At the end of the Q&A session, the mayor addressed a wish to the audience: "Let's tackle the transformation together and talk to your neighbors and friends about the opportunity we have here right now. If we all stick together - then something really great can be created here in Attendorn!"

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