Say goodbye to fossil fuels: With the economically strong, emission-free municipality.

Welcome to ansvar2030, the strategy and implementation consultancy for municipal climate protection for everyone and with everyone.

We make cities strong in dealing with the planetary crisis.

With strategy and implementation consulting for municipal climate protection that involves everyone.

Flowers next to a solar module in the sunlight.

More than just climate protection advice

We advise in accordance with scientific/legal requirements and in the public interest. We take the laws of physics and the Federal Constitutional Court seriously. We also want our cities to benefit economically to the maximum. That is why we advise ambitious climate protection.

Where others write long expert reports "for the drawer", our focus is on action. We remove obstacles, support you in reaching decisions - and provide you with the tools, network and strategies you need to implement them.

The biggest risk:
Wait and see.


We are conservative. This means that we would prefer everything to stay as it is. Unfortunately, the climate crisis is paradoxical in this respect. Because if we were to carry on as before, everything would change. The greatest opportunity for future prosperity is therefore to think now about what exactly is important to us about the status quo - and then to take the transformation into our own hands.

We start "on a small scale". We empower you as the people in charge to make your city a better place. Because let's be honest: at the moment, administration often means mismanagement.

Step by step to climate neutrality.