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We enable cities and businesses to make the transition to zero emissions.

In doing so, we link international insight and regional value creation through artificial and social intelligence. You can reach us by phone at +4923199777455 or send us an email.

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According to the UN
75% of CO2 emissions
occur in cities.

There, together with you, we eliminate the apparatus for avoiding responsibility and replace it with communities capable of action.

To the 11 steps plan
Follow Us
Adhere to 1.5 degree limit

Zero emissions by 2030 is necessary and possible with us.


We communicate climate facts
and demonstrate the opportunities for change.


We unite all people
in the region behind the goal of decarbonisation.


We consolidate all data and create automated greenhouse gas balances.


We use the data to create digital climate master plans and coordinate their implementation.

Value creation

We provide the necessary financing and create economic benefits for all.

enersis Climate intelligence

Precise predictions through

With the energy transition operating system, we are revolutionising the planning process. This is how 1.5°C compatible climate protection plans are created.

How we think and work
160+ people
Our team solves the previous
blockades by providing the necessary expertise
and the right attitude.
20+ years of experience
The ansvar brand is new - the founders
have been in the market for decades: climate science meets computer science and electrical engineering.
5 locations
We are represented in the Ruhr area, in Brandenburg and in Switzerland. In Northern Bavaria we have an industrial location that produces more energy than it consumes.
IT & Engineering
We use the energy industry's leading decarbonization planning and simulation software
Climate emergency
We accept the consensus on the climate crisis: emissions must fall immediately. There is no CO2 budget left for industrialised countries.
Dynamic plans
Through digital planning
we adapt everything to new developments in climate science and technology.
We not only protect the
climate, but also preserve biodiversity
and promote health.
Social optimum
We combine the technically effective with the financially feasible in the sense of the common good.
Expansion of renewable energies

The addition of solar power plants finances planning

We make environmentally friendly action affordable and ensure the decarbonisation of all areas of life.

Solar power plants
100 MW +

We design and build large-scale photovoltaic systems. To this end, we set up project companies in which the people of the region have a stake.

18 years +

In 2002 and 2003, ansvar co-founder Mario Münch built one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Germany – with 700 KWp. Today, projects in the megawatt range are being developed – always in cooperation with the city, public utility companies and people in the region.

Planning security
100 %

The very first large-scale plant has now been in operation for 19 years. The electricity yield is as great as in the first years. In general, the results of all more than 1,000 power plants are above the forecasts.

Organic & fair

Any solar power plant must provide multiple benefits. For example, we are actively improving biodiversity and providing opportunities for responsible dual-use farming.

Climate crisis

Exceeding the 1.5°C temperature increase

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's risk assessme
has worsened dramatically in recent years, to our detriment.

Paris Agreement

In 2015, the UN member states agreed to limit global warming to well below 2° Celsius. According to current UN studies, we are heading for 3 to 4°C warming at current CO2 emissions.

0 Budget more available

More and more people from the international climate science community are coming to the conclusion that there is no greenhouse gas budget left for industrialized countries - if the 1.5°C and even the 2.0°C mark of global warming is not to be exceeded. 


Over 160 people

We are crazy electricians, nerdy programmers and sophisticated storytellers. We are physicists, chemists and psychologists, entrepreneurs and engineers. We are united in ending the climate crisis.

for the Climate Movement
Isabella Lang
Contact for
Electrical Engineering
Mario Münch
Master Electrician & Founder
Contact for
Climate Science
Dr. Udo Engelhardt
Marine Biologist
Contact for
Climate Protection Advice
Felix Rodenjohann
Media Manager & Founder
Smart City &
Greenhouse Gas Balances
Anca Rosenthal-Solacolu
Energy Engineer
Energy Policy & Network
Patrick Hohlwegler
Environmental Ethicist & Geoscientist
Strategy &
Climate Protection Advice
Leonie Böker
Management &
Climate Communication
Christian Krüger
Media Manager
Strategy &
Linda Evans
Strategy &
Electrical Engineering
Manuel Schinner
Media computer scientist
Data Scientist &
Climate Scientist
Nils Leidel
Strategy &
Product Management
Sophie Gamst
Design & Project Manager
Consulting &
Project Management
Jörn Anhalt
Strategy &
Climate Protection Planning
Lisa Huber
Environmental Scientist
Strategy &
Climate Protection Advice
Christoph Schönherr
Film Production &
Felix Menze
Media Technician
Geovisualization &
Martin Jendrusch
Media Manager
Process industry &
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Iman Zeglam-Verch
Mechanical engineer
Strategy &
Project Management
Laura Dierig
Project Management
Editorial &
Anna Katharina Klant
Theatre scholar
Psychology &
Climate Protection Advice
Alicia Altendeitering
Working Student
Consulting &
Project Development
Frank Barenberg
Consulting &
Art direction
Marc Schultes
Film Production &
Christina Honig
Media Manager
Communication &
Ragim Alakhverdiev
Communication &
Daniel Gerwert
Designer & 3D Artist
Communication &
Max Poertgen
Designer & 3D Artist
Media &
Project Management
Jennifer Thuer
Media Studies
Communication &
Melanie Brüntrup
Communication &
Team leadership
Monica Breitkreutz
Head of Human Resources
Strategy &
Climate Protection Advice
Stephan Heinrich
Strategy &
Software Development
Thomas Koller
Computer Scientist
Let’s see what we can achieve together:

We work for the energy industry, cities, regions & companies.
The founding members of ansvar have decades of on-the-ground experience implementing the energy transition,
making them the leading decarbonisation software company.