Climate Neutral 2030.
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As a holistic climate protection consultancy, we turn the greatest crisis into an opportunity for prosperity and independence - and ensure a livable city. For everyone.

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More than just climate protection consulting

For us, it goes without saying: We provide advice in accordance with science/law and in the public interest

We take the laws of physics and the Federal Constitutional Court seriously. We also want our cities to benefit economically to the maximum. That's why we advise ambitious climate protection.

Why 2030?

Because it's doable.
The widespread opinion is different, but independent studies clearly prove its feasibility.

Because it is necessary . Later it might already be "too late". After all, physical and other laws of nature cannot be negotiated.

Because it pays off. The faster climate neutrality is achieved, the cheaper the transformation will be - and the regional economy in the pioneering cities will benefit from legal and planning security.

0,91 €

is the price per kWh of grey electricity from a municipal utility.


of people in Europe want the energy transition to be accelerated.


shall be the maximum temperature rise.


is the average temperature increase since 1900.

We ensure the implementation

Where others write long expert reports "for the drawer", our focus is on action. We remove hurdles, support you in achieving resolutions - and provide you with tools, network and strategies to take action.

Step by step to climate neutrality

1 / Analysis

From status quo to potential analysis, we offer all the services of classic decarbonization consulting . What we also offer in your city from the first month: Climate communication and process support . Because the transformation does not fail because of technology, but because of human relationships.

/ Action and strategy consulting

We think the transformation through to the end. To achieve the goal of "climate neutrality," we take a systematic and holistic approach. So we don't just look at the numbers, but also at social and psyschological factors. Together with you, we develop tailor-made strategies and packages of measures. The result is an action-oriented climate master plan for your city.

/ Accompanying the implementation

We are the consultancy that makes itself superfluous: If we have been successful, the urban community will manage the transformation on its own. If you wish, however, we will be happy to remain at your side.

The greatest risk: "business as usual

We are conservative. That means we would prefer everything to remain as it is. The climate crisis is unfortunately paradoxical in this respect. Because if we actually continued as before, everything would change. The greatest opportunity for future prosperity is therefore: to consider now what exactly about the status quo is important to us - and then to take the transformation into our own hands.

We are starting with this "on a small scale". We empower you, the people in charge, to make your city a better place. Making city government fun again. Because let's face it: at the moment, administration often means managing shortages.

Many cities are downright plagued

- High electricity and gas costs

- Empty city coffers
- No materials, no staff
- Pressure from the streets
- Bureaucracy

The solution: Climate neutrality by 2030

- Affordable energy
- More money in the city coffers
- Urban society pitches in
- Citizens stand behind their (better) city
- Pragmatic implementation

This is what it looks like

Numerous cities and communities have joined us on the road. We accompany them all the way to the finish line and unblock action along the way.

Interdisciplinary networking & partnerships

Only together are we strong. For years, we have been working successfully with professionals from a wide range of disciplines.