We come from the media, the energy industry, climate impact research and psychology -united to tackle the climate crisis.

Our CEO Felix Rodenjohann in autumn 2019 on the grounds of the UN Headquarters in New York.

Our CEO Felix Rodenjohann in the fall of 2019 on the grounds of the UN Headquarters in New York . There he spoke with heads of government, diplomats and developed the basis for ansvar2030 in the hotel room. In the meantime, Felix Rodenjohann has become an official Climate ambassador of the EU Commission.

What makes us special?

We have investigated why even in cities with a positive climate decision, emissions are not falling. We are now bringing together what needs to come together:

1. the climate crisis is a problem,

that concerns everyone and can therefore only be solved by everyone working together. We enable the cooperation of groups that previously had no points of contact - and thus increase the self-efficacy of the urban society.

2. knowledge alone does not lead to action.

It is important that we reach people in their hearts. As experienced filmmakers and storytellers, we therefore emphasize effective communication: Through emotional messages, we generate enthusiasm and community.

3. modern technology will not solve the climate crisis for us,

but it is an important tool. To meet the challenges ahead, we need transparent processes - and we also need to measure whether the measures we take are effective. Digital tools are indispensable for this.

That's how we increase the likelihood of getting into action.

"The energy transition is not failing because of money or technology, but because of human relationships."

So says Stephan Heinrich, partner and co-founder of ansvar. He brings the perspective of decades of management and CEO positions at energy companies. Although he is an energy economist and has already built several technology startups, he doesn't see the solution to the problem in technology. After all, everything from heat pumps to smart grids has long been available.

Stephan Heinrich, partner and co-founder of ansvar

The permanent team in the engine room.

Contact for
the energy industry
Stephan Heinrich
Energy Economist & Co-Founder
Contact for
Climate Science
Dr. Udo Engelhardt
Marine Biologist
Contact for
Climate Protection Advice
Felix Rodenjohann
Media Manager & Founder
Strategy, Organization &
Flo Zerfass
‍Managing Director
Strategy &
Dr Friedrich Schade
Lawyer & Partner
Environmental Protection Technology,
GIS & Urban Design
David Gisa
B.A. Urban Planning &
Managing Director ansvarGEO
Workshops, strategy &
regenerative design
Hagen Plum
Transformation Designer
Contact for
Politics, Administration & Media
Katharina Strohmeyer
Lawyer & Journalist
Climate protection management & municipal consulting
Dr. Fabian Humpert
‍Environmental Scientist
Management &
Climate Communication
Christian Krüger
Media Manager
Energy Policy & Network
Patrick Hohlwegler
Environmental Ethicist & Geoscientist.
Analysis &
Project management
Linda Rasche
‍Economist& Industrial Clerk
Geovisualization &
Martin Jendrusch
Media Manager
Process industry &
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Iman Zeglam-Verch
Mechanical engineer
Strategy &
Project Management
Laura Dierig
Project Management
Editorial &
Anna Katharina Klant
Theatre scholar
Heat demand calculation & neighbourhood development
Michael Haselbeck
Civil engineer
Strategy &
Robert Wünsch
‍Energiewende& Climate Protection Strategy
Senior Management Officer
& Sales
Sabrina Gammelin
‍Industrial Clerk& Psychologist
                       Energy System Analysis &
Full Supply Renewables
Dr. Thure Traber
Data maintenance &
Customer management
Jonas Stolze
B. Sc. Business Administration
GIS & Spatial Analysis
Julian Meier
‍Geographer& Managing Director ansvarGEO
Analysis &
Project management
Leon Kadar
Municipal Climate Protection Officer
Urban and regional development, climate protection & climate impact adaptation
Birgit Fasting
Urban and regional planner
& horticultural engineer

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