With the Prime Minister at -30°C

"The responsibility for the climate crisis does not lie with a country that produces oil and gas, but with the countries that use oil and gas nonsensically." This was said by the former Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, during a conversation with our climate impact researcher Dr Udo Engelhardt at the Global Seedvault on Spitsbergen. With this statement, she inadvertently provided the inspiration for the "Process Model for Accelerating Regional Transformation." - the basis of ansvar2030, the ecosystem for solving the climate crisis.

Climate change threatens the existence of humankind. Climate protection is not failing because of technologies, but because of a relationship problem. This problem can only be solved regionally. Where the emissions occur, the blockages must also be solved. But that is precisely where the market potential for emission-free energy, heat and mobility lies. Because the state alone is incapable of acting at the necessary speed - let's turn it into a business model. And thus find a socially accepted market access - to people's heads, hearts and wallets.

At ansvar, we were not looking for a way to make a lot of money - but for the leverage point to solve the climate crisis. But this leverage point also opens up gigantic revenue potential. The idea, by the way, is stolen hard and fast from the former Norwegian prime minister. In a conversation with her in the Arctic with our climate impact researcher Dr. Udo Engelhardt, she said that all people who consume oil, gas and coal bear the responsibility for the climate crisis - not an oil and gas exporting country like Norway. 

Inspired and angered by this statement, we developed the "Process Model for Accelerating Regional Transformation", the basis for all ansvar subsidiaries and future business models. Because: The Norwegian Prime Minister was right. More than 70% of CO2 emissions are generated in cities. Nobody forces us to buy and burn oil, gas and coal - we are trapped in a system that makes us believe that the use of fossil energy is without alternative for our prosperity. Yet sociologists and psychologists argue that no one is deliberately destroying our environment - all those who are doing so just want to live without doing without. 

Currently, everyone (business and government) is trying to solve the problem nationally. That is where the money for research goes. Where the emissions originate, where they are implemented, there is a lack of skilled workers, despondency and resignation. The providers of emission-free energy compete online for the same target customers. All manage the shortage. They take each other's resources. Yet the market is gigantic. 16 million heat pumps, 1000 GW solar plants and 100 GW wind energy plants have to be built in the next 10 years. In which other market will we see a tenfold increase in market potential within months?

In the last 3 years, we have built the ecosystem to solve the climate crisis and the marketplace for zero-emission energy, heat and mobility using only equity and KfW loans. 3 cities commissioned us, we are in negotiations with 10 more. In order for us to tap the full market potential and become the TESLA of the construction industry, we now need 2 million euros. You own 10% of the company for this. With a planned company value of 200 million euros in 2030, you will receive 20 million euros back. We will pay interest on the 2 million euros at 5% from now on.

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